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Post # 3 on Self-conciousness

  “I’m in a rowboat on the lake in Central Park. Fortunately I’m not rowing the boat. I’m still in college, but soon I wont be, soon I’ll be living here, in New York City. I look up at all … Continue reading

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Post # 2 on Lucky by Alice Sebold

  The most significant scene for me occurred in the very first chapter. This scene is significant in order to understand the book because it actually described how Alice was raped and how helpless she was in that situation since … Continue reading

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Post# 1 on Autobiography by Linda Anderson

  The passage that I chose from Autobiography by Linda Anderson states: As a recent critic of autobiography, Laura Marcus, has noted, the concept of ‘intention’ has persistently threaded its way through discussions of autobiography (Marcus 1994: 3). Attacked by … Continue reading

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