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The most significant scene for me occurred in the very first chapter. This scene is significant in order to understand the book because it actually described how Alice was raped and how helpless she was in that situation since she couldn’t do anything to save herself. From the first sentence you are gripped since Alice takes us directly to the attack itself. The first line is “This is what I remember. My lips were cut. I bit down on them when he grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth. He said these words: “I’ll kill you if you scream…Do you understand? If you scream you’re dead.”I nodded my head. My arms were pinned to my sides by his right arm wrapped around me and my mouth was covered with his left.” From all the books that I have read so far, I can’t remember reading something that has such powerful beginning. As you read for the very first line, it captures your heart and makes you read further and further. You are taken to the most important event of this book which is rape, without any introduction or any kind of details.

In this rape scene, every detail for us is provided. We not only know that she was raped but Alice also tells us what her rapist said and did and how this made her feel. Alice also tried to give us every bit of details on how she tried to convince her rapist so this way he would not kill her. When the rapist was trying to undress her, he became really frustrated since Alice had no clue on what he was about to do. Alice tries to make him calm by saying “I’ll do it” and this way he will spare her life and she will get over this as soon as possible. She let him have what he wanted just because she wanted to stay alive since he was threatening her with the knife that he’ll take her life. At first I was confused why Alice was helping her, but then I figured if she didn’t cooperate he would have become much more aggressive and would have to use the knife to get what he wanted. So we see that Alice used her intelligence to get it over with this horrible nightmare.

This particular scene relates to the book as whole since we actually see here how Alice was raped and how she suffered and what she was actually feeling during this painful experience. If we didn’t get to read about this rape scene, we wouldn’t get so much involved in this memoir. We later see how she faces everything after being raped. She didn’t want to tell her family about this but as they saw her after the rape, they will eventually find out what she has been through but they don’t know how to act towards this. When she goes to school, she seems very quiet and doesn’t socialize. This effect also helped her family to support her while they weren’t that close. This horrific incident is strong enough to unite the family together.

Lucky by Alice Sebold is a memoir that gives description of Alice’s experience of being victimized of such thing as rape and how it effects her life and how her perception of viewing the world has changed. By writing this memoir, I feel that Alice has shown quite bravery for an 18 years old. She has used her intelligence and maturity to get over this painful incident that effected her. By reading this book, we know that rape is so common these days that every second a woman gets raped and changes her life forever. We pray to God that such thing as rape never happens to us. The interesting thing is that even though Alice has been through this nightmare and she was still strong and had that much strength and courage to write about rape for the other people to see. It is extremely difficult for a woman who has been raped and then write about her experience to show the whole world. This memoir has a message of all the victims of rape and every women in the world and Alice’s experience can help those women. In today’s society when a girl gets raped her life is changed automatically. Her friends and her colleagues, everyone treats her differently. These girls are blamed for the raped even though it is not even their fault but they still get punishment for something that they haven’t done. By writing this memoir, I think Alice is trying to give us a message to all those people who have prejudice against raped women that how the society should treat all the victims of rape so it will eventually help them to heal faster from this traumatic experience and live a happier and better life.

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  1. I wonder, was this book intentionally written to provide a message or to prove something?
    I would argue agaisnt that. Her charachterization in the memoir seemed to oppose that she was trying to do something necessarily heroic. ( but you could totally shoot this argument down, because Alice would contradict herself at times in the book)

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