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Anne Sexton-To Bedlam & Part Way Back

  Death is a prominent theme in Anne Sexton’s work since we constantly see throughout her poems. I chose two poems to talk about which deal with death, “The Double Image” and “The Moss of His Skin.” “The Double Image” … Continue reading

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Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography

  Topic: How Lucky by Alice Sebold and Speak by Laurie Anderson demonstrate that the victims were able to find their self-identity through trauma. Texts: Lucky by Alice Sebold Speak by Laurie Anderson Prospectus: My topic is on exploring how … Continue reading

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Research topic

  I will start with what trauma means to Lacan and Freud and how they use it in their work. I will be also looking at feminist views on rape since rape and any kind of sexual assault is a … Continue reading

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rough draft on glossary project

  Topic: Life Writing Definition: Life-writing is form of autobiographical writing. According to Wikipedia, “life-writing is a fluid term used to describe the recording of selves, memories and experiences whether one’s own or another’s.” Life-writing is very personal writing about … Continue reading

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Close reading on Dictee’s passage

    “Dead words. Dead tongue. From disuse. Buried in Time’s memory. Unemployed. Unspoken. History. Past. Let the one who is diseuse, one who is mother who waits nine days and nine nights be found. Restore memory. Let the one who … Continue reading

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Freewriting for research topic

  I am interested in writing my research paper on trauma survivors because I really feel connected to in certain way. As I was reading the book, Lucky by Alice Sebold, I felt really connected. I am interested is writing … Continue reading

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