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I am interested in writing my research paper on trauma survivors because I really feel connected to in certain way. As I was reading the book, Lucky by Alice Sebold, I felt really connected. I am interested is writing and exploring about females who have been through such traumatic incidents such as rape. As I research, I will be able to learn more about them and hear their stories. I want to explore how these women after being raped were still able to resolve and move on with their lives. Rape is something that can change a woman’s life tremendously. In my culture, this is seen as a crime that not just a man does it, but the woman also faces some serious consequences since she is also blamed. In this culture, girl’s honor is everything for the family and when this is taken, the family’s reputation is also ruined as well. This gives their family a bad name and if they had more daughters, it would become very difficult to find good proposals for their marriage. Sometimes a girls who are raped feel so depressed and helpless that they even commit suicide by the fear of society. They are not able to face the society since they know how everyone will react and they wont let them live their life peacefully. This is true in some cases, when a girl who is raped wants to move on, but the society keeps interfering and prevents them from moving on or live a normal life again.

Also, by writing about this particular topic, I am becoming more aware that rape can happen to anyone at any time regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. So we should try our best to avoid this from happening. We can learn something useful from the victims of the rape which tremendously helps us become aware of what is happening around us and what can happen to is if we don’t act to prevent this from happening. Rape can occur anywhere, in your college, in your family or outside when the girls are alone. The rapist can be a stranger that you don’t know or it can be the person you know well so you can’t trust anyone. So if you really want to protect yourself, you shouldn’t go out alone since it isn’t safe. I will be also interesting in using Alice Sebold’s experience in Lucky to make connections since she was also a rape victim and she is still dealing with this trauma. I will do some additional research on this author, her interviews and then use everything to send a message to the world. The message will be that women should be aware that they can be raped at any time and they should try to prevent it by taking precautions.

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  1. P. Burger says:

    As I understand this post, you wish to write about memoirs written by rape survivors. I think that this could be an interesting project, and you have written eloquently here about how strongly you feel regarding this topic. But keep in mind that you are writing a work of literary criticism. Thus, your role as critic will be to interpret these texts as literary works, not to send a message to the world about the prevalence of rape. When you are writing about this topic, you will have to be careful not to speak in generalizations, but work with specific texts, and use your research to discuss your ideas.
    Your assignment for next week is to choose specific texts that you wish to write about and write a paragraph or two exploring what you wish to say in your paper about these texts. Keep in mind that you will be writing about these texts not about rape as a phenomenon. You can of course discuss rape as a cultural or gendered problem, but the main focus of the paper is what these texts communicate about the traumatic event. Let me know if you have any questions.

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