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I will start with what trauma means to Lacan and Freud and how they use it in their work. I will be also looking at feminist views on rape since rape and any kind of sexual assault is a feminist issue. I will talk about feminist movement and how it defines rape and its effects on the victims. I will be using two texts, Alice Sebold’s Lucky and Speak by Laurie Anderson. Both texts give us portrayal of representing the crime of rape. In both books, the main characters, Melinda and Alice were raped, how it effected their lives and how they were able to find their inner voice through this traumatic event that changed their lives. Both texts demonstrate that the victims were able to find their self-identity through trauma and I will like to explore this using these texts.


Cultural Studies and Literature:Trauma in Freud and in Lacan.

Gender Differences Associated With Adolescent Substance Abuse: Comparisons and Implications for Treatment. Tamina Toray, Chris Coughlin, Samuel Vuchinich and Peter Pateicelli. JSTPR. Web.

The Role of Normative Development in Adolescent Abuse and Neglect by Howard J. Doueck, Anthony H. Ishiaka, and K. Diane Greenaway, JSTOR. Web.

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