Post on The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison

After reading Kathryn Harrison’s memoir, The Kiss, I do feel sad for Harrison, but I don’t see her as a victim since she could’ve protect herself. When she met her father, he kissed her and that’s where their relationship began. I understand that Kathryn didn’t have father in her life and when her father kissed her, she was confused if this is the way father show their love to their daughter. Some people may view her as naïve and therefore, she didn’t know that if it was right to have sexual relationship with her father. Some will also think that father took advantage of her since she was longing for father’s love throughout her whole life.

I personally don’t believe that her father manipulated her into this relationship because she wasn’t a helpless child. Therefore, I don’t think she comes across as a victim since she was a mature person and she knew what was right and what was wrong. She was 20 years old, and therefore, she could make her own choices at that point, since it also involved long distance meetings.   She was that mature to understand that sleeping with her father is wrong. It comes across as she was guilty of something since we do see that she wanted to take revenge from her mother who abandoned her. Harrison portrays that she is drawn in part because she longs for father’ s love and also since she hated her mother who is also in love with Kathryn’s father. Kathryn shows that she was seduced by her father when she was very emotional, but I still think she could have just said “No” to him. She should have known that sleeping with her own father is wrong since she wasn’t a child anymore, but an adult. If she was a child at that time when this relationship began, she would appear as a victim because she was very young at that time. But since she was old enough to say no, she could have easily gotten away from this. I still think that Kathryn could have protected herself by telling someone who was close to her and they would have helped her out. She let it happen because she didn’t know what else to do.

  Harrison depicted herself as she was manipulated by her father and she couldn’t help herself and therefore gave herself entirely to her father. She wanted father who would adore and love her like most girls want. But in this case, the father figure was absent from her life and her father knew that she was hungry for father’s love and therefore, took advantage. She was hungry for love and her father turned it sexual instead of giving her father’s love. I feel sad for Kathryn since she wanted father’s love and it turned sexual, but I think that she could have protected herself by refusing him, but she just let it happen. I also think that she should know that it is morally wrong to have a sexual relationship with the father. I know that the father was not present in her life, but she should have still felt that this type of relationship between father and daughter is not accepted by the society or the religion. I think we should blame the father more who comes across as a sick person. I also find this ironic that the father appears as a religious person and he still gets involved in sexual relationship with his daughter. Didn’t his religion taught him that having sexual relationship with his own daughter is morally wrong?

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