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In A Small Place, Jamaica Kincaid represents the voices of Antigua and she uses personal experiences and history in this essay and the entire work shows her anger and intelligence. She brings attention to the conditions in Antigua which are worse with the achievement of independence and she communicates her frustration with the people and capitalism.

The effects of colonialism is the major theme in which Kincaid reveals her anger both at the Antiguans and at the colonists for failing to succeed in getting their independence. She feels that they failed to adopt the positive features of colonialism, for example, a good education system which could help the younger generation to improve their lives. She also talks about other major themes, including the influence of homeland on individuality, culture and desire for their independence.

The narrator gives us description from which we can observe the natural beauty of the island, while being structured by the harsher realities of the lives of those people who live there. The narrator gives her opinions of many events and difficulties that have occurred in Antigua and she points out the effects of colonization, not only from an Antiguan’s point of view, but also from an Antiguan who represents America’s point of view. The message that we get is that when tourists come to visit Antigua, they only see the beauty, but fail to see the harsh reality of people who are living there. I personally think Jamaica Kincaid was brave enough to write this essay which discuses the illegal things that are taking place in Antigua. From my point of view, Antigua is beautiful and gorgeous covered by the mud of their government.

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