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Throughout the semester, I think I have come to understand what autobiography really is. Autobiography is a story which is dealing with a person, his/her life, experiences, good or bad. The protagonist of the story is the author itself. The writers are giving us the story about their lives using different forms of autobiography. From the different texts that we had to read, made me realize that autobiography is not just written in one form, but it can be in the form of autobiographical comics, confessional poetry, memoir, personal essays, travelogue, slave narrative, blogs, autobiographic novels, life-writing, religious autobiography and etc.

In of all these different forms, the stories are told by the writer, otherwise it won’t be an autobiography. Memoirs like Lucky by Alice Sebold and The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison, both writers have shared something that is so personal that you can’t even share with you loved ones. But they both decided to share with the people through writing a memoir. They both included lot of description which made us feel connected to them. It was so graphic and included details that really captures our attention. Also, I felt that Lucky is a memoir that was so descriptive about what really happened with Alice and she provided a lot of details. I think both of their writers shared something so personal with us, one telling us about rape while other telling us about her incestuous relationship with her father. Both of these memoirs really allows us to get to know the author in a more personal way, since hey are telling us somethings o personal that changed them forever. Both authors, Harrison and Sebold have used detail and very descriptive language to bring what the characters saw and felt during that particular moment that changed their lived forever. For Alie that moment I when she was raped and after that everything was not the same. While for Harrison, it was her incest relationship with her father. Also they way they have written these memoirs, we get to see everything through their eyes.

Before taking class, I had no idea that there are several ways to interpret the genre of autobiography. I think what really helped me to understand this is by doing the glossary project and having each person do a presentation on a particular term. By doing this, I learned about the different type of ways that can be used to express autobiography. In fact all the books that we have read, or essays, were related to those terms that we had to do presentation on. This helped me to gain much better understanding of what each text is saying in terms of the genre of autobiography.

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