Post on Digitial Biography

 “Like our personal computers, phones are becoming so “smart” that they hold a great deal of sensitive, private information about our personalities and habits, information we would never have dreamed of carrying around in our pockets in the past. In a very real sense, these devices are biography machines.” (77)

I agree with the quote by Paul Longley Arthur since the phone contains important information about us. This quote shows how phone are getting more advanced and how they are becoming a form of autobiography. Before reading this passage, I would have never thought that we can use our cellphone as a form of auto/biography. I would have never thought of applying the word “biography” to a mechanical device such as a phone. I used to believe that genre of biography only comes in books, but this quote really changed my mind and gave me an opportunity to look through a different perspective. I use Facebook and post comments and write on my friends page, but at that time I never realized that those messages can be looked as a form of auto/biography. When we use our phone to text message our friends, it is also considered an expression that is autobiographical. As I mentioned earlier, that I had no idea that I can look at phone this way, but after reading this argument by Paul Longely Arthur, he did persuaded me by believing what he has written about phone being “biography machines.”

These days, the use of phone is so excessive that when a person forgot to bring their phone, they feel like something is missing. They really get attached and it becomes part of their lives. When people are bored they can use their phone to text message their friends and can do other things as well. In Digitial Biography, Arthur does present us with a perspective that phones are like “biography machines.” The reason I am saying this is because our phone are filled with our personal information that has the ability to display our personalities and tell others who we really are. It contains such personal information that can allow others to understand and know us better.

Another important fact that we all share is our addiction to our cellphones. No matter where we go, we will encounter people using their phone to talk to someone or probably texting their friends. These days we might even see young children with their cellphones. I have seen this everywhere, when I am in college, when I am in the bus and even when I am sitting at my own home. Also like cellphone, I also have a habit of using Facebook when I have free time, but at time, I had no idea that it can be seen as a representation of being an online auto/biography. Since I am not so social, I usually use phone and Facebook to express myself. Even people who are shy are using these forms autobiography since this way they get an oppertunity to express their feelings and to show their personality about who they really are. Other than that, the blog that I have for this seminar class, even though I wrote the posts as part of my assignments, but this can still be seen as autobiography. Facebook is something that we can all use to share our feelings and express our thoughts by writing comments or messages. Also when we comment on our friend’s picture, this can also be looked as a form of auto/biography. This article supports that usage of phone, texting, blogging, Facebook, all can be included as a form of “biography machines.”

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